Cluny is well known as the town that houses the Abbey of Cluny. The abbey was established in 910 AD and in later years was almost destroyed. Now, tourists can visit the abbey and discover the ruins of what little is left. A visit to the Abbey is a must while in Cluny. We recommend having a walk through the ruins and to the top of the stairs outside the abbey, walk through the arch way and to your left, you will find a small café. Grab a delicious ice cream, and head back to the steps to enjoy your treat with a view. Be sure to explore the ‘Parc Abbatial’ before heading back down.

On Saturday mornings, the area outside the abbey is transformed into a street market, where locals and tourists alike go to stock up on variety of fresh produce, from fruit, to cheese or bread. It’s the perfect place to buy your picnic essentials. Once your picnic basket is fully stocked, you can make your way to the Voies vertes where you can enjoy your picnic lunch, followed by a lovely stroll, or even a bike ride.

Cluny, is also well known for hosting many horse competitions and events, and on weekends, horse shows, jumping, mounted games, and much more can be seen. You might also see a couple of hikers, with large back packs making there way though the village. That’s because Cluny is a popular start point for pilgrims on the Camino – Le Chemin de St Jacques.

From exploring the lovely streets, visiting the abbey or watching the horses in action, Cluny has a lot to offer, and it is definitely a favorite for us at La Grange Fleurie.