Signal de la Mère Boitier

Our first #lagrangefleurieloves must-see is right on our doorstep, in the commune of Tramayes, the stunning, Signal de la Mère Boitier.

Even though the view of la Mère Boitier from La Grange Fleurie is beautiful and can be admired whilst enjoying your breakfast, it is worth the trip to the top to enjoy an extensive panoramic view of the Beajoulais and Mâconnais mountains and on a clear day, the Alpes, and Mont Blanc can be seen.

La Mère Boitier is the highest mountain in the Mâconnais, at 758m above sea level. The summit offers stunning views of the valley and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset or enjoy a peaceful picnic.

From La Grange Fleurie, you can take your car up to the parking lot and start the short walk up to the view point and orientation table. It is also possible to walk/run/cycle to the top (Approximately a 10km round trip on tar roads from our front door). Good shoes are recommended, as the walk to the top, although short, is rather steep.

On your next stay at La Grange Fleurie, make sure to plan a stop at Signal de la Mère Boitier to see why it has made the list of #lagrangefleurieloves